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René Thomas - The Real Cat (Jazz in Paris) (1954-56)

René Thomas - The Real Cat (Jazz in Paris) (1954-56)
jazz | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 330MB
Rene Thomas was a Belgian guitarist who hoped to make it big on the international jazz scene following his move to Paris and a flurry of recording activity in the 1950s and early 1960s, though his goal ultimately eluded him. This CD in Verve's Jazz in Paris reissue series combines two separate dates originally made for Barclay and Polydor. For the most part, Thomas' approach to the guitar is rather laid back, particularly in his spacious arrangement to "All the Things You Are." As a result, the music throughout both dates is enjoyable though it falls short of being an essential purchase.

-01. "L' Imbécile" - René Thomas - 3:13
-02. "How About You?" - Ralph Freed / Burton Lane2:37
-03. "All the Things You Are" - Oscar Hammerstein II / Jerome Kern3:41
-04. "Relaxin' at the Grand Balcon" - René Thomas3:17
-05. "The Continental" - Con Conrad / Herbert Magidson2:54
-06. "There Will Never Be Another You" - Mack Gordon / Harry Warren2:27
-07. "Lover Man" - Jimmy Davis / Roger "Ram" Ramirez / Jimmy Sherman3:38
-08. "If I Had You" - Jimmy Campbell / Reginald Connelly / Ted Shapiro4:15
-09. "Shine" - Lew Brown / Ford Dabney / Cecil Mack2:59
-10. "My Old Flame" - Sam Coslow / Arthur Johnston4:47
-11. "Goodnight, Wherever You Are" - Al Hoffman / Dick Robertson / Frank Weldon4:01
-12. "Easy to Love" - Cole Porter2:42
-13. "The Real Cat" - René Thomas4:18
-14. "Someone to Watch over Me" - George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin3:19
-15. "Get Happy" - Harold Arlen / Ted Koehler3:16
-16. "A Night in Tunisia" - Dizzy Gillespie / Frank Paparelli4:41

* Double Bass – Benoît Quersin, Jean-Marie Ingrand
* Drums – Jean-Louis Viale, José Bourguignon
* Guitar – René Thomas
* Piano – René Urtreger, Roland Ronchaud
* Saxophone – André Ross, Serge "Bib" Monville



Eric Dolphy - In Europe vol 1-3 (1961)

Eric Dolphy - In Europe vol 1-3 (1961)
jazz | 3cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 725MB
Like many American jazz musicians then and now, multi-instrumentalist and composer Eric Dolphy found European audiences more receptive than those at home. This was especially true in Dolphy's case, as, with Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane, he was among the more revolutionary players of the late 1950s and early '60s.
finds Eric Dolphy in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1961 with a Danish trio, in tandem with bassist Chuck Israels (known for his association with pianist Bill Evans), and unaccompanied. This volume forgoes his alto sax playing in favor of his flute and bass clarinet.
One highlight is the Randy Weston gem, "Hi Fly," a flute and bass duet where Israels provides a steady foundation for Dolphy's lyrical, inspired flights of fancy. Dolphy has a certain cool reserve here that'll keep you coming back for more. Another standout is the unaccompanied bass clarinet reading of the Billie Holiday classic "God Bless the Child," where Dolphy caresses the melancholy melody before exploring it thoroughly, with several moments that anticipate the minimalist esthetic of composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Beautifully recorded and remastered, vol 1 is essential for Dolphy fans, and recommended as a good starting point for others.
Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 8, 1961. Originally released on Prestige (7304)
finds Dolphy in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1961 with a Danish trio, concentrating on alto sax and flute in a program of (mostly) standards. Though the trio isn't exactly cutting edge, it provides a solid, mellow backing throughout--sounding especially fine on "Don't Blame Me." For the most part, Dolphy, too, is in an easygoing mood on this session. His flute playing is brilliant: lyrical, sparkling, and gentle without being bland. Everyone cuts loose, though, on the frenetic, yet focused "The Way You Look Tonight," where Dolphy's vocalized alto, wailing and darting, is hard bop drenched in 1960s blues.
Recorded live in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 6, 1961. Originally released on Prestige (7350)
finds Dolphy in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1961, supported by a trio of Danish players. "Woody 'N You," the Dizzy Gillespie standard, is taken at a fast clip, with Dolphy's brisk, twisting alto solo an exhilarating balance of freedom and focus. "The Blues" shows that Dolphy was never far from the roots of jazz, and "When Lights Are Low" features him swinging the bass clarinet. The Danish players aren't nearly as adventurous as Dolphy, but they play with a crisp exuberance, particularly drummer Jorn Elniff.
Recorded on September 6 & 8, 1961. Originally released on Prestige (7366).

01 - Hi Fly
02 - Glad to Be Unhappy
03 - God Bless the Child
04 - Oleo
01 - Don't Blame Me
02 - Don't Blame Me (take 2)
03 - The Way You Look Tonight
04 - Miss Ann
05 - Laura
01 - Woody'n You
02 - When Lights Are Low
03 - In the Blues (takes 1, 2, 3)

* Eric Dolphy (alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet)
* Bent Axen (piano)
* Erik Moseholm (acoustic bass)
* Jorn Elnif (drums)

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