10 November, 2009

Terry Riley - Persian Surgery Dervishes (1972)

Terry Riley - Persian Surgery Dervishes (1972)
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Mantra | rec. 1971 & 72 | RAR +5% recovery

Persian Surgery Dervishes is a minimalist recording of two live solo concerts, the first held in Los Angeles on (18 April 1971) and the second in Paris on (24 May 1972), by avant-garde minimalist composer Terry Riley.
The two very different performances of the same composition "Persian Surgery Dervishes" are meant to show the importance of improvisation in Riley's music. Riley plays a modified Yamaha electric organ tuned in just intonation.
The original double-record version was released by legendary French label Shandar, then republished by Mantra Records, first, and Dunya Records later. There existed also a single-record version, also on Shandar, containing just the Paris concert, which had been sponsored by the label itself.
Parts of this album served as soundtrack for a French film released in 1973, named "La chute d'un corps" and directed by a renowned French columnist, fr:Michel Polac.

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