08 February, 2010

John Coltrane - Expression (1967) (eac-flac-cover)

John Coltrane - Expression (1967)
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Expression is an album by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. The title track was Coltrane's last studio recording; the rest of the album was recorded at about the same time as Interstellar Space. "To Be" features Coltrane on flute, the only recording he made on the instrument for an entire track. As for the rest of the album, Coltrane's tenor seems to have acquired a denser, wider sound while retaining the free form of the late years. This is most evident on "Offering," which follows its theme into a particularly radical example of overblowing.

Track listing
All tracks by John Coltrane
1. "Ogunde" – 3:36
2. "To Be" – 16:20
3. "Offering" – 8:25
4. "Expression" – 10:50
5. "Number One" – 11:55 - additional track on reissue

* John Coltrane — tenor saxophone, flute
* Pharoah Sanders — flute, piccolo, tambourine (Track 2 only)
* Alice Coltrane — piano
* Jimmy Garrison — bass
* Rashied Ali — drums


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