27 February, 2010

Roy Harper - Lifemask (1972) (eac-flac-cover)

Roy Harper- Lifemask (1972)
Folk-Rock | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover
Science Friction HUCD005 (1994) | rar +5% recovery | 270 MB
Lifemask was written by Harper during a period where a congenital blood disorder threatened his health. With thoughts of life and death upon his mind, side two of the album features a lengthy track entitled "The Lord's Prayer" which Harper described as "...my last will and testament". The album cover itself is a representation of Harpers 'death mask'.
Some of the songs comprised the soundtrack for the movie Made which was on general release at the time. It co-starred with Carol White. The John Mackenzie directed film, Made, was the story of the relationship between a young single mother and an insecure rock star, 'Mike Preston' played by Harper. The film featured excerpts from "The Lord's Prayer", a live excerpt from "Highway Blues", a live session of "Little Lady" and "Bank Of The Dead" (a.k.a. "The Social Casualty" and "Valerie's Song") sung with alternate lyrics.


1 Highway Blues (6:34)
2 All Ireland (2:53)
3 Little Lady (4:20)
4 Bank Of The Dead (3:13)
5 South Africa (4:07)
6 The Lord's Prayer (22:55)

Originally released in 1973

Peter Jenner

Sound engineers
John Leckie, Phil McDonald, Nick Webb

Additional musicians
Laurie Allan, Steve Broughton, Tony Carr, Brian Davison, Brian Hodges, Jimmy Page & Ray Warley


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