05 March, 2010

XTC - Skylarking (1986) (DVD-Audio)

XTC - Skylarking (GART Hybrid DVD-Audio)
Alternative | 1dvd | ISO | cover | 2,8 gb
(orig 1986) | RAR +5% recovery
Skylarking is XTC's eighth studio album, released on October 27, 1986. Considered by many to be their finest album, Skylarking is a "life-in-a-day" semi-concept album which displayed songwriting and arranging heavily influenced by The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Kinks. The title of the album was inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem To a Skylark and many of the songs expand on the pastoral themes of their 1983 album, Mummer, most notably "Summer's Cauldron" and "Season Cycle".

DVD info:
This is a hybrid DVD with DTS/DD streams in the video_ts portion and high res 24/96 MLP in the audio_ts portion.
If you wish to play the high res audio_ts folder you must have a player that is capable of decoding DVD Audio.
The other two streams should be compatible with any dvd player.

Audio Format.........: 24/96 MLP, 24/48 DTS & 24/48 DD hybrid DVDA iso
Channels.............: 5.0
Type.................: GART stereo to surround upmix
Cover Art............: Yes
GART: Good Audio Remixing Technique

For Demonstration Purposes Only - Not For Sale

Track List:
1. Summer's Cauldron
2. Grass
3. The Meeting Place
4. That's Really Super, Supergirl
5. Ballet For a Rainy Day
6. 1000 Umbrellas
7. Season Cycle
8. Earn Enough For Us
9. Big Day
10. Another Satellite
11. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
12. Dear God
13. Dying
14. Sacrificial Bonfire
15. Mermaid Smiled

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