24 January, 2011

Doudou Ndiaye Rose - Djabote (1992) (eac-log-cover)

Doudou Ndiaye Rose - Djabote (1992)
world | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 290MB
Real World
Unlike most drummers in the West African traditions, Rose has always tended to work with large ensembles. Yet their enormous power has mostly come with little loss of subtlety, as these recent recordings attest. This open-air set involving no less than 50 drummers and as many singers has a sweep and strength that take your breath away.
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No other drumming quite sounds like that of Doudou N'Diaye Rose. Large drum ensembles (50 drummers on this album) play together with a level of complexity and subtlety usually associated more with orchestral works than with drum music. Doudou hails from Senegal and is esteemed there as not only a master drummer but also as a living repository of the musical traditions of that nation. He is conductor of his ensemble as much as featured drummer, and a chance to see him play, even on video, should not be missed. He has been heard on tracks of some albums by Peter Gabriel- who in turn is the force behind the RealWorld label that recorded him. 'Djabote' features 12 engaging and unique compositions. There are singers involved as well, but the singing is enjoyable and perhaps used more judiciously and less intrusively (to Western ears) than is true of many other ostensibly "drum" recordings. If you can keep still while listening to this album, better check your pulse. ;-{) Whether you are already a fan of African drumming or are checking it out for the first time, it would be hard to do better than 'Djabote'.

-01 - "Ligueyou Ndeye" Rose - 5:54
-02 - "Cheikh Anta Diop" Rose - 5:21
-03 - "Rose Rhythm" Rose - 4:22
-04 - "Sidati Aidara" Rose - 5:12
-05 - "Baye Kene Ndiaye" Rose - 4:53
-06 - "Chants du Burgam" Traditional - 4:02
-07 - "Khine Sine" Rose - 4:27
-08 - "Khine Saloume" Rose - 6:37
-09 - "Walo" Rose - :39
-10 - "Tabala Ganar" Rose - 3:28
-11 - "Diame" Jonga - 6:01
-12 - "Ndiouk" Rose - 6:37


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