14 February, 2011

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tide (1970) (2000rem) (eac-log-cover)

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tide (1970)
jazz, latin | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 420MB
Verve By Request series | rem: 2000
On Jobim's second A&M album, Eumir Deodato takes over the chart-making tasks, and the difference between him and Claus Ogerman is quite apparent in the remake of "The Girl From Ipanema": the charts are heavier, more dramatic, and structured. Sometimes the arrangements roll back so one can hear, say, the dancing multi-phonic flute of wildman Hermeto Pascoal on "Tema Jazz," and the rhythms often veer away from the familiar ticking of the bossa nova. Jobim is his usual understated self, adding very subtle electric piano to his arsenal of acoustic piano and guitar, but the material sometimes falls short of Jobim's tip-top level (dead giveaway: "Tide" is a clever rewrite on the chord changes of "Wave"). Still, it's beautifully made and very musical at all times.

-01. "The Girl from Ipanema" (Vinicius de Moraes, Norman Gimbel, Antonio Carlos Jobim) –4:53
-02. "Carinhoso" (Pedro Berrios, Carlos Braga, João de Barro, Pixinguinha) –2:49
-03. "Tema Jazz" –4:36
-04. "Sue Ann" –3:05
-05. "Remember" –4:04
-06. "Tide" –4:06
-07. "Takatanga" –4:44
-08. "Caribe" –2:44
-09. "Rockanalia" –4:48
-10. "Tema Jazz" –2:58
-11. "Tide" –4:09
-12. "Tema Jazz" –5:49
-13. "Tema Jazz" –8:15
* Tracks 10-13 alternate takes included with 2001 CD reissue.
* All songs written by Antonio Carlos Jobim except where indicated.

* Recorded at the Van Gelder Recording Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey between March 16 and May 22, 1970. Originally released on A&M (3031).

Antonio Carlos Jobim (guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano); Frederick Buldrini, Max Polikoff, David Nadien, Matthew Raimondi, Harry Katzman, Emanuel Green, Harry Lookofsky (violin); Al Brown, Harold Coletta (viola); Charles McCracken , George Ricci (cello); Joe Farrell (flute, bass flute, soprano saxophone); Hubert Laws, Hermeto Pascoal, Romeo Penque (flute); Marvin Stamm, Burt Collins (trumpet); Joseph DeAngelis, Ray Alonge (French horn); Garnett Brown, Urbie Green (trombone); Deodato (piano); Joao Palma (drums); Everaldo Ferreira (congas); Airto Moreira (percussion).


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