21 April, 2011

Silver Apples - Silver Apples & Contact (1968 & 69) (eac-log-cover)

Silver Apples - Silver Apples & Contact (1968 & 69)
rock, electronic | 2lp on 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 530MB
MCA 1997 reissue
Silver Apples:

The group's two '60s albums (Silver Apples and Contact) were previously combined as a two-fer a few years before this identical release, but as this is on a major label, it will find wider distribution. It also benefits from the addition of newly penned historical liner notes from Simeon and vintage photos of the band, along with a diagram of the Simeon (the instrument) and Danny Taylor's drum setup.
Aside from Simeon's use of a banjo on a couple of tracks, the music on Contact does not differ from that of their debut. One aspect improved upon was the lyrics; many possess the same "cosmic" element found on Silver Apples, but others are full of bitterness, pain, paranoia, and confusion. In turn, the lead oscillator is used to greater effect, reflecting this newfound intensity. Simeon, who composed the text for five of Contact's ten songs (he framed one song on Silver Apples, "Dancing Gods"), was largely responsible for this change. The record opens with "You and I," one of their best numbers, in which Simeon cuts out the hippie overtones present in the first album's lyrics and gets straight to the point. The text of "I Have Known Love," written by Simeon's girlfriend Eileen Lewellen, details love's all-encompassing power. "You're Not Foolin' Me" incorporates outside sound to drive home the written word, using a continuous, ringing telephone to illustrate the obsessive nature of love. "A Pox on You" and "Gypsy Love" further exploit the feelings one experiences once love is denied and the raw emotions that surface. "Confusion" features Simeon's banjo playing prominently. The playful, tossed-off script adds to its throwaway nature, although there is a line or two alluding to their pop leanings. The album closer, "Fantasies," involves Simeon guiding drummer Danny Taylor through the song and hints at the intuitive, trusting nature of their collaboration. This often hilarious track comes as a bit of a surprise, but works along with "Confusion" as a counterbalance to the darker lyrical content on Contact.


-01. "Oscillations" (Danny Taylor, Stanley Warren) 2:48
-02. "Seagreen Serenades" (Simeon, Warren) 2:55
-03. "Lovefingers" (Simeon, Warren) 4:11
-04. "Program" (Simeon, Warren) 4:07
-05. "Velvet Cave" (Simeon, Warren) 3:30
-06. "Whirly-Bird" (Simeon, Warren) 2:41
-07. "Dust" (Simeon, Warren) 3:40
-08. "Dancing Gods" (Navajo Indian Ceremonial) 5:57
-09. "Misty Mountain" (Eileen Lewellen, Simeon) 3:26
-10. "You and I" (Simeon Coxe III, Danny Taylor) – 3:24
-11. "Water" (Simeon, Taylor) – 4:18
-12. "Ruby" (Joy May Creasy, Simeon, Taylor) – 2:32
-13. "Gypsy Love" (Simeon, Stanley Warren, Taylor) – 5:36
-14. "You're Not Foolin' Me" (Simeon, Taylor) – 6:26
-15. "I Have Known Love" (Eileen Lewellen, Simeon, Taylor) – 3:53
-16. "A Pox on You" (Simeon, Taylor) – 5:11
-17. "Confusion" (Simeon, Taylor) – 3:34
-18. "Fantasies" (Simeon, Taylor) – 5:57

* Dan Taylor - Drums, percussion, vocals
* Simeon - Oscillators, vocals


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