07 February, 2012

Tony Williams Lifetime - Turn It Over (1970)

Tony Williams Lifetime - Turn It Over  (1970)
jazz, jazz-rock | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 255MB
Verve/Polygram 1997
The better of the two albums the Tony Williams Lifetime recorded in 1970, Turn It Over, is a far more focused and powerful album than the loose, experimental Ego, and one of the more intense pieces of early jazz-rock fusion around. In parts, it's like Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys with much better chops. It's more rock-oriented and darker-hued than their debut, 1969's Emergency!, and the temporary addition of ex-Cream member Jack Bruce on bass and vocals alongside stalwart guitarist John McLaughlin makes this something of a milestone of British progressive jazz. The album's primary flaw is that unlike the expansive double album Emergency!, these ten songs are tightly constricted into pop-song forms -- only a swinging cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Once I Loved" breaks the five-minute mark, and then only barely -- which reins in these marvelous soloists too much. This is particularly frustrating since pieces like the two-part "To Whom It May Concern" feature some outstanding solos (especially from McLaughlin and organist Larry Young, the group's secret weapon) that are frustratingly, tantalizingly short. Expanded to a double album, Turn It Over would probably surpass Emergency! as a pioneering jazz-rock fusion release; as it is, it's an exciting but mildly maddening session.

-01. "To Whom It May Concern - Them" - 4:20
-02. "To Whom It May Concern - Us" - 2:55
-03. "This Night This Song" - 3:44
-04. "Big Nick" - 2:43
-05. "Right On" - 1:49
-06. "Once I Loved" - 5:08
-07. "Vuelta Abajo" - 4:57
-08. "A Famous Blues" - 4:10
-09. "Allah Be Praised" - 4:36
-10. "One Word" - 3:45
total time 38:35

* Tony Williams, drums, vocals
* John McLaughlin, guitars, vocals
* Larry Young, organ
* Jack Bruce, bass, vocals


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