06 April, 2012

Wiseblood - PTTM (Pedal to the Metal) (1991)

Wiseblood - PTTM (Pedal to the Metal) (1991)
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Wiseblood is an electronic noise-rock band formed by Clint Ruin (aka J. G. Thirlwell) and Roli Mosimann. In Ruin's words, Wiseblood is "violent macho American [music] made by non-Americans." The material tends toward the realm of the darkest and most sexual Foetus songs, with Mosimann's Swans lineage showing in the slow, crushing pacing of many tracks. Thematically, Wiseblood's lyrics center around the misanthropic exertion of power, typically via murder, sex or assault. Wiseblood existed on-and-off from the mid 1980s through early 1990s.
Ol’ Jim Foetus/J.G. Thirlwell strikes again, this time as Clint Ruin with former Swan Roli Mosimann for another Wiseblood effort, which finds them fusing blustery noir swing with enough sleaze to maintain an underside edge. PTTM opens with the jitterbug pummel of “Pedal To The Metal” (which could be construed as a title track-check the abbreviation), whose jazzy broadness gets exponentially magnified by the scat seaminess of the closing track, “Grease Nipples.” In between are the hip-hoppish wrenching rant of “Stop Trying To Tie Me” and the standout 9:50 “Hey Bop A Ree Bop”-a seething, creeping blues crawl where Ruin’s voice stretches from growl to screech, augmented by Dan Hovey’s eerie guitar, evoking an oppressive atmosphere Hazel Motes would feel at home in.

-1. "Pedal to the Metal" - Mosimann, Ruin - 4:47
-2. "Stop Trying to Tie Me" - Mosimann, Ruin - 5:50
-3. "Hey Bop a Ree Bop" - Mosimann, Ruin - 9:50
-4. "Grease Nipples" - Mosimann, Ruin - 4:30


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