16 May, 2012

Big Satan - I Think They Liked It Honey (1997)

Big Satan - I Think They Liked It Honey (1997)
jazz | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 520MB
Winter & Winter
Tim Berne (alto and baritone saxes) has been at the forefront of progressive jazz since the early '80s. On this release, the artist regroups with longtime musical associates Marc Ducret (electric guitar) and Tom Rainey (drums) for a truly mesmerizing set that rings with ominous overtones and intricately constructed fabrics of sound. Over the years, Rainey and Ducret have supported Berne-led dates, and here the trio pursues a fire and brimstone approach that packs a walloping punch. On pieces such as "Bobby Reconte une Histoire" and "Dialectes," the band melds shuffle grooves with complex unison choruses and linearly devised progressions amid slight shifts in strategy. Vivid imagery abounds as Berne and Ducret offer allusions of perhaps climbing a spiral staircase via climactic opuses and scorching licks. And while many of these pieces are structured and based upon solid frameworks, the artists' complementary musings and intuitive interplay provide the winning edge. The band explores various methods of expounding upon a story line via Berne and Ducret's shredding lines and implosive mode of execution, while Rainey anchors the proceedings with loosely based polyrhythms and sweeping fills. Here, the musicians straddle the outside while also providing supplementary insight into familiar musical territories.

-1. "Bobby Raconte une Histore" - Ducret - 11:36
-2 . "Dialectes" - Ducret - 15:24
-3 . "The 12.5% Solution" - Berne - 10:46
-4 . "Scrap Metal" - Berne - 8:44
-5 . "Yes, Dear" - Berne - 14:08
-6 . "Description du Tunnel" - Ducret - 16:19

* Marc Ducret: guitar
* Tom Rainey: drums
* Tim Berne: saxophone



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