24 June, 2010

A Piazzolla & Kronos Q - Concierto para Bandoneon_Tres Tangos & Five Tango Sensations (eac-log-cover)

A Piazzolla & Kronos Q  - Concierto para Bandoneon_Tres Tangos &  Five Tango Sensations (1988)
classical, latin, contemporary | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 320MB
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Five Tango Sensations
The undisputed lord of nuevo tango, Astor Piazzolla conceived of five tangos, written for himself on bandoneon, and the Kronos Quartet on strings. The neo-classical style of Kronos fits surprisingly well on Piazzolla's new style of tango and provides a wonderful backing for the maestro at work. Though there are only five songs on the album, the title fits well, Five Tango Sensations. Each of the tangos presented is a sensation and conveys the full emotion or scene given in the titles: "Asleep," "Loving," "Anxiety," "Despertar" (waking up), and "Fear." Piazzolla plays his heart out on his trusty bandoneon, and the Kronos players accompany to perfection. If it's the tango that the listener wants, Piazzolla is the man to listen to.
Concierto para Bandoneon_Tres Tangos
This recording with a classical orchestra is Piazzolla's apotheosis. For years he has been turning a dance form into an art music. Here he essentially crosses into the regional conservatory style called national music.

01. Asleep
02. Loving
03. Anxiety
04. Despertar
05. Fear
06. Allegro Marcat
07. Moderato
08. Presto
09. Allegro Tranquillo
10. Moderato Misitco
11. Allegretto Molto Marcato
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