20 June, 2010

Roy Harper - Work Of Heart (1982)

Roy Harper - Work Of Heart (1982)
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The years between the excellent Bullinamingvase in 1977 and the underrated Whatever Happened to Jugula? in 1985 were artistically unkind to Roy Harper. Work of Heart was released in 1982, and is typical of this over-produced era. The technological overkill apparent on the album would be more forgivable if the songwriting was strong. But except for "Jack of Hearts," nothing really impresses on this set, including the epic-length title track. For those interested in completing their Harper collection, Science Friction reissued Work of Heart in 1994 with Born in Captivity, which included the same songs in demo form. Casual fans should stick with earlier albums, such as Stormcock or HQ, for a more representative look at Harper's ability.

The original album was released on Harpers own label, Public Records, formed with Mark Thompson, (son of nuclear campaigner E.P. Thompson). Additionally, the album was chosen by Derek Jewell of the The Sunday Times as "Album of the Year" in 1982

1. Drawn To The Flames (6:34)
2. Jack Of Hearts (4:14)
3. I Am A Child (3:10)
4. Woman (4:42)
5. I Still Care (4:51)
6. Work Of Heart (21:32)
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