05 September, 2010

Meredith Monk - Volcano Songs (1995) (eac-log-cover)

Meredith Monk - Volcano Songs (1995)
avantgarde, contemporary | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 290MB
ECM | rel 1997 | rar +5% recovery
While perhaps still widely unknown Meredith Monk is a modern master.
This album is another incredible addition to her work. The set of four opening duets will take your breath away. The first of these "Walking Song" was featured in the Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski...As strong as that cut is each of these four composition gets successively stronger. On "Lost Wind" The singers hit ringing overtones that are otherworldly. "Cry #1" is overwhelmingly emotional... The New York Requiem for people lost to AIDS is another standout ...also deeply moving. There are also two sets of vocal solos by Monk herself interspersed with a solo piano piece, and a vocal quartet piece "Three Heavens And Hells" set to the words of a young childs poem. Lyrics are rare for Monk who usually avoids them... she claims in the notes that this is a first. There are other songs with recognizable phrases such as the repeated mantra "I Went To The Store" in TURTLE DREAMS and the woman's conversation with death in THE TALE (from Dolmen Music). However in those cases, words evolved out of the pre-established melody. Here the words came first.
Those who recall 1980's landmark vocal milestone DOLMEN MUSIC will want to give VOLCANO SONGS and the latest release... (the equally beautiful) MERCY a listen.

Volcano Songs: Duets (1993)
01 Walking Song 3:03
02 Lost Wind 3:16
03 Hips Dance 1:59
04 Cry # 1 2:43
05 New York Requiem (1993) 11:00
Volcano Songs: Solos (1994)
06 Offering 2:39
07 Boat Man 2:13
08 Skip Song 1:41
09 Old Lava 2:44
10 Cry # 2 2:45
11 St Petersburg Waltz (1993) 7:51
12 Three Heavens And Hells (1992) 21:15
From Light Songs (1988)
13 Click Song # 1 1:59
14 Click Song # 2 3:45

Piano - Harry Huff (tracks: 5) , Nurit Tilles (tracks: 11)
Voice - Allison Easter (tracks: 12) , Dina Emerson (tracks: 12) , Katie Geissinger (tracks: 1 to 4, 12) , Meredith Monk


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