26 January, 2010

Buddha Bar IX - By Ravin (2007) (eac-log-cover)

Buddha Bar IX - By Ravin (2007)
electronic | 2cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 1150MB
George V Records
This volume is the latest in series that began as ambient music for upscale, celebrity-studded, Buddha-themed restaurants (the flagship venue is in Paris.) But largely due to frenzied word of mouth, the tunes quickly outgrew their initial parameters, becoming massively popular in nightclubs and with private listeners. Compiled by DJ Ravin, who has been involved with the project since the first pair of groundbreaking albums, the present two-disc set celebrates the opening of a new Buddha-Bar in London. But aside from reflecting the multi-cultural population of this, or, for that matter, virtually any other large modern city, the set list has relatively little to do with any precise physical location. Titled Royal Victoria and Baron's Court, the twin programs are typically chilled-out and multi-layered, sometimes anchored by frigidly precise snare beats. Some tunes have a louche, urban feel, giving an almost cartoon-like nod to forties film noir or a bal-musette of the imagination. Others offer forlorn-sounding Albinoni-like strings, disembodied synths and chorales that seem to descend from, yet linger, on high. Still other tracks journey to Africa, Asia, the Middle and Far East, with handmade flutes, fiddles, and percussion, plus intersecting, overdubbed solo voices imported from various locales. After so many years and innumerable imitators, Buddha-Bar obviously is no longer quite the latest thing, but still wields the indisputable clout of an original. Longtime fans will certainly find a lot to like here.
Ravin continues to amaze me as a DJ starting with his early days on the George V record label. His style continues to evolve from one album to the next and he has delivered yet again. Though Buddha Bar III is still my all time favorite out of the previous 8 albums, I can see myself making this one a close second. Sophisticated mixes with delicate layers laid with artistic flair that only a true artisan can enamor. This series has gathered a lot of fame over the years, and I am really glad that Buddha Bar IX is here to keep that flame alive. Buy this album without an apprehension...pure sonic bliss.

* CD1 Royal Victoria
-01. Bardo State – "Sospiro"
-02. Mystic Diversions – "Flight BA0247"
-03. Amanaska – "Sleep"
-04. Hess Is More – "Yes Boss"
-05. Koop – "Koop Island Blues"
-06. Eccodek – "Mongolia On The Line"
-07. Serafim Tsotsonis – "Wood Street"
-08. Existence – "Heart Beat Of Life"
-09. The Lushlife Project – "Essence Of Our Origins"
-10. Michalis Koumbios – "Astradeni"
-11. York featuring Asheni – "Iceflowers"
-12. David Lowe’s Dreamcatcher – "I Know Jayne"
-13. Nikonn – "Sunday"
-14. Kenneth Bager featuring Julee Cruise – "Fragment Two....The First Picture"
-15. Burhan Öçal – "Bugu Jazz"
* CD2 Barons court
-01. Sunset Blvd. – "Mrs Daisy May"
-02. Cosmic Orient – "La Pila"
-03. Djuma Soundsystem – "Les Djinns" (Trentemøller Remix) The original melody "Turkish Show Biz" which was copied-sampled entirely from Atilla Engin's Marmaris Love album by Djuma Sound System and it was further used in LES Djinns. The composer of "Turkish Show Biz" is Atilla Engin
-04. Carmen Rizzo featuring Grant Lee Phillips – "As The Day Breaks" (Montreal Remix)
-05. Massivan – "Daydream"
-06. Cirque Du Soleil – "Africa" (Quicksound / Alain Vinet Remix)
-07. Rocco – "Roots 4 Acid"
-08. Passion Of Percussion – "Last Chance"
-09. Novalima – "Machete"
-10. Parov Stelar – "Chambermaid Swing"
-11. OMFO – "Choban In Space"
-12. Otros Aires – "Amor que se Baila"
-13. Naked Rhythm – "Gypsy Majik" (Gypsy Lounge Vocal Remix)
-14. Blank & Jones – "Loneliness" (Chill House Mix)
-15. Bahramji featuring Mashti – "Indusufi"
-16. DJ Ravin featuring Karma Sound Collective – "Karma Busta Rhythm"



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