26 January, 2010

Buddha-Bar V - By David Visan (2003) (eac-log-cover)

Buddha-Bar V - By David Visan (2003)
electronic | 2cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 970MB
George V Records | rar +5% recovery
I have to admit I had high hopes for this cd, not saying its bad by any means, just not what I expected from listening to the past releases. There are some wonderful tracks on this cd. Many dreamy tracks of world music, and even a few good beats. If you were expecting Euro lounge or Euro chill-out beats you will barely find any, but if you keep an open mind you will be joyfully surpised at the wide range of tunes and earthy beauty of many of these sounds from around the world. The first cd is much more layed back and mellow, but a pleasue to listen to. The second cd is a bit more up beat, and has a few steller tracks by the likes of dZihan & Kamien. A few other stand out tracks are by Refractory featureing J.C. Sindress and Youn Sun Nah, Trupet Thing, and David Visan and Mickael Winter featuring stunning vocals by Ani Choying Drolma, I won't list them all but there are plenty of wonderful songs on here. Yes this cd is rather "light" and "sweet" but it is a pleasure to listen too, and who knows maybe you will find a whole new type of ethnic music to indulge in. If you really want to splurge and get some great world chill-out music, buy the Karma Collection and the Karma Collection 2003, they are true gems!!!!!!!

CD 1 (Dinner)
01. Jade Or feat. Bielka Nemirovski – Nie Kantshaietsa
02. Mikis Theodorakis – I've Kept A Hold Of My Life
03. Refractory Feat J-c- Sindress & Youn Sun Nah - Road
04. Trumpet Thing – Far Away
05. Mystic Rhythms Band – Gesso's Guitar Song
06. Angelique Kidjo – Lemanja
07. Elie Karam – Baadima
08. David Visan & Mickael Winter feat. Ani Choying Drolma – Tamtra Tibet
09. Mariza – Loucura
10. Maria Papadopoulou – Maskaremeni
11. David Visan & Carlos Campos – Indra Story
12. Laurent Dury – Silk Road
13. Alihan Samedov – Sen Gelmez Oldun
14. Frederick Rousseau – Princess W. Cheng
15. Operatica – Mon Amour
CD 2 (Drink)
01. Emma Shapplin – La Notte Etterna
02. Dzihan & Kamien – Just You & I
03. Sarma – Muel
04. DJ Disse – Egyptian Disco(Buddha Bar edit)
05. Gipsyland - Safaam
06. Mondo Candido – Meglio Stasera
07. Latour – Blue
08. Despina Vandi – Gia
09. Giampiero Ponte feat. Moran – Sphynx (club mix)
10. Julie – Blinded
011. David Visan - Czardas
12. Rubin Steiner – Wunderlande
13. Ritchie Lawrence – Lawrence d'Arabie (Ambient mix)
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