26 January, 2010

Buddha-Bar VIII - By Sam Popat (2006) 2cd (eac-log-cover)

Buddha-Bar VIII - By Sam Popat (2006)
electronic | 2cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 1020MB
George V Records
This eighth installment of the now highly acclaimed Buddha Bar series is presented to you by Sam Popat. The series grows stronger with each release and VIII is no exception. Popat injects new life into this double CD set and unlike the many that have tried to emulate the style of the Buddha Bar he carries you away with as much power, if not more, than those who have previously created the perfect sound in a perfect Bar.
I have been a long time admirer of the Buddha Bar series for the last few years. Unfortunately I was mildly disappointed in the last two volumes. The last two volumes had taken a more Indian influence courtesy of DJ Ravin. I had preferred the work of Dave Visan (the son of Raymond Visan, founder of the club/bar Buddha Bar) and Claude Challe who mixed the first three Buddha Bar cds. I was a bit hesitant to buy volume eight because of my mild disappointment but when I found a used but in excellent condition copy, I decided to give the series another shot. I'm glad I did. Sam Popat, the dj at NYC's Buddha Bar, did not fail me. The music re-captures the magic that made me fall in love with the series. Sam Popat breathes in new life into the series with his mix of Asian and modern dance music. I absolutely loved both discs and usually I prefer the more laid back disc over the more dance orientated disc.

* CD1 Paris
-01. Sanja Illić & Balkanika - "Korana"
-02. Naomi - "White"
-03. Ailhan Samedov - "Son Nefes (Deep Mix)"
-04. Panjabi Hit Squad - "Hasdi Hasdi"
-05. Antaeus - "Palm Of The Prophet"
-06. Out Of Phase - "Desire (Tiger Mix)"
-07. Yasmin Levy - "Madre, Si Hesto Hazina"
-08. Pompon Finkelstein - "Lost In Reflection"
-09. Shubha Mudgal - "The Awakening"
-10. Shpongle - "Once Upon A Time The Sea Of Blissful Awareness"
-11. Sam Popat & Alexandre Scheffer - "Golden Ring"
-12. Nomadix - "Chura Liya"
-13. Elkin Marin - "Wallanwala"
-14. Stefano Saletti & Piccola Banda Ikona - "Tagama"
-15. Alhoeverah - "Tan Cañí"
* CD2 New York
-01. Angel Tears - "Mystic Desire"
-02. Vasilisa - "Oblak / Cloud"
-03. Ensemble Ethnique - "Asilah"
-04. DJ Bool presents Jerk House Connection - "Mother Blues"
-05. Belladonna - "Ebatule"
-06. Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - "Balkan Vocals"
-07. Alberto "Beto" Uña - "Angels In The Desert (Original Profundo Mix)"
-08. Bongoloverz feat. Ursula Cuesta - "La Esperanza (Hope & Faith)"
-09. Dan Marciano - "Good Morning Paris (Dr. Kucho! Remix)"
-10. Kirpi - "My Name Is Kirpi"
-11. Orient Expressions - "Istanbul 1:26 a.m."
-12. Biber - "Turta"
-13. Sam Popat & Alexandre Scheffer - "Dil Mera"
-14. Yves Larock - "Nomadic Knights"
-15. Schiller - "I Feel You"



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