29 October, 2010

Leonard Cohen - Cohen Live (1994)

Leonard Cohen - Cohen Live (1994)
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Sony | rec: 1988 & 1993
Few artists have maintained such a devoted fan base for so long outside the mainstream as Leonard Cohen. With such a rich catalog, any compilation of his material is bound to invite discussion. Cohen Live opts to balance earlier material with work from his late-'80s/early-'90s period culled from two different tours. The newer songs include the lovely "Dance Me to the End of Love," the ominous "Everybody Knows," and "I'm Your Man." Cohen classics such as "Bird on a Wire," "Who By Fire?," and "Suzanne" are among the older songs. Backed by strong musicians, Cohen delivers the songs in his monotone rasp that is distinctly him. The renditions are fairly faithful to the studio versions, although the added warmth of the live performers provides an interesting contrast with Cohen's baleful persona. Cohen Live isn't necessarily essential, but fans will enjoy hearing one of the more original and enduring voices from the '60s in a different setting.

-01. "Dance Me to the End of Love" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
-02. "Bird on the Wire" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
-03. "Everybody Knows" (Vancouver, June 29, 1993)
-04. "Joan of Arc" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
-05. "There Is a War" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
-06. "Sisters of Mercy" (Toronto, June 18, 1993)
-07. "Hallelujah" (Austin, October 31, 1988)
-08. "I'm Your Man" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
-09. "Who by Fire?" (Austin, October 31, 1988)
-10. "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong" (San Sebastian, May 20, 1988)
-11. "If It Be Your Will" (Austin, October 31, 1988)
-12. "Heart with No Companion" (Amsterdam, April 19, 1988)
-13. "Suzanne" (Vancouver, June 29, 1993)

* Leonard Cohen: guitar, keyboards, vocals
* Perla Batalla: vocals
* Julie Christensen: vocals
* Jorge Calderón: bass, vocals
* Bob Metzger: guitar, pedal steel guitar
* Stephen Zirkel: bass, trumpet, keyboards
* Bill Ginn: keyboards
* Tom McMorran: keyboards
* Paul Ostermayer: keyboards, saxophone
* Bob Furgo: violin, keyboards
* John Bilezikjian: mandolin
* Steve Meador: drums


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