21 October, 2010

Neil Young - American Stars 'N Bars (1977) DVD-audio

Neil Young - American Stars 'N Bars (1977) DVD-audio
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Neil Young made a point of listing the recording dates of the songs on American Stars 'n Bars; the dates even appeared on the LP labels. They revealed that the songs had been cut at four different sessions dating back to 1974. But even without such documentation, it would have been easy to tell that the album was a stylistic hodgepodge, its first side consisting of country-tinged material featuring steel guitar and fiddle, plus backup vocals from Linda Ronstadt and the then-unknown Nicolette Larson, while the four songs on the second side varied from acoustic solo numbers like "Will to Love" to raging rockers such as "Like a Hurricane." Just as apparent was the album's unevenness: side one consisted of lightweight compositions, while side two had more ambitious ones, with "Will to Love," for example, extending the romantic metaphor of a salmon swimming upstream across seven minutes. The album's saving grace was "Like a Hurricane," one of Young's classic hard rock songs and guitar workouts, and a perennial concert favorite. Without it, American Stars 'n Bars would have been one of Young's least memorable albums, and since it turned up the following year on the compilation Decade, the LP was rendered inessential.

1 ) The old country waltz
2 ) Saddle up the Palomino
3 ) Hey babe
4 ) Hold back the tears
5 ) Bite the bullet
6 ) Star of Bethlehem
7 ) Will to live
8 ) Like a hurricane
9 ) Homegrown

Recording sessions & personnel:
November 1974
* "Star of Bethlehem"
o Neil Young - acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocal
o Emmylou Harris - vocal
o Ben Keith - dobro, vocal
o Tim Drummond - bass
o Karl T. Himmel - drums
November 1975
* "Like a Hurricane" & "Homegrown"
o Neil Young & Crazy Horse:
+ Neil Young - lead guitar, vocal
+ Frank "Poncho" Sampedro - organ ("Like A Hurricane"), rhythm guitar ("Homegrown"), vocal
+ Billy Talbot - bass, vocal
+ Ralph Molina - drums, vocal
May 1976
* "Will to Love"
o Neil Young - all instruments, vocals
April 1977
* "The Old Country Waltz", "Saddle Up the Palomino", "Hey Babe", "Hold Back the Tears" & "Bite the Bullet"
o Neil Young, Crazy Horse & the Bullets:
+ Neil Young - acoustic & electric guitar, vocal
+ Frank "Poncho" Sampedro - acoustic & electric guitar
+ Billy Talbot - bass
+ Ralph Molina - drums
+ Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar
+ Carole Mayedo - violin
+ Linda Ronstadt - vocal
+ Nicolette Larson - vocal
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