25 October, 2010

Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah's First (1964) (eac-log-covers)

Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah's First (1964)
jazz | 1cd | eac-flac-cue-log-cover | 350MB
ESP-DISK | 2005 remaster +bonus interview
Pharoah Sanders' first release on the ESP label is relatively tame compared to what was to come. On Pharoah's First, trumpeter Stan Foster and pianist Jane Getz are allowed as much solo space as the leader. The problem with that is they play bebop; Sanders doesn't. You can hear that Sanders is ready to go out, but restrains himself due to this mismatching of musicians. Sanders does retain the Coltrane influence on this date and, especially on the initial portion of "Seven by Seven," you can hear the beginnings of Sanders' trademark tenor screech. However, it becomes obvious by the conclusion of the track that the musical sparing between Sanders and Foster never gels. While Sanders wants to fly, Foster is content to walk. "Bethera" finds Foster and Getz taking extended solos, playing as though Sanders isn't there! It sounds as if this date was set up for someone like Dexter Gordon, who didn't show up, so they got Sanders at the last minute. Sanders really has no purpose on this conventional date besides initial name exposure as a leader. What a shame. [This release of the album includes rare interview content.]

-01 - Seven By Seven 26:20
-02 - Bethera 23:40
-03 - Bernard Stollman Meets Pharoah 0:57
-04 - Coming To New York 0:28
-05 - Meeting Sun Ra 1:23
-06 - Meeting John Coltrane 2:11
-07 - Comments On Other Musicians 1:52
-08 - Playing With Don Cherry 2:15
-09 - The Scene 1:18
-10 - Why The Music Changes 2:11

William Bennett - Bass
Marvin Pattillo - Percussion
Jane Getz - Piano
Pharoah Sanders - Saxophone [Tenor]
Stan Foster - Trumpet


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